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9 thoughts on “ Iron Lung - Smog UK - Smog UK (Vinyl)

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  2. Mar 28,  · Throughout history, people have had to deal with air pollution and smog, owing to excessive coal use in the home and for production, pollution from mining and increased emissions resulting from expanding industrial processes. Since the 14th Century, London has been afflicted by thick smog, which Londoners came to refer to as ‘peasoupers’. Civilisations learned to cope with pollution .
  3. The lungs were built using cold cast resin, with an iron powder filler to create a real rusted finish. Weathered and functional clothing demonstrating the hardship of the character and lack of resources. The lung breathing apparatus representing the lack of oxygen in the environment, as a result of air pollution.
  4. Article from saylipywachopor.forspfinheartnunftestprabilaltelwarsrousna.infoinfo The many battles faced by WW1's nurses. “Women wearing war-surplus gas-capes to shield against smog in Philadelphia, Escaping the smog, ” 'Nurses at Children's Hospital Tending Young Polio Patients Contained in Iron Lung Room' Photographic Print - .
  5. By the s, London’s smogs were becoming a distant memory. The last great smog had occurred in and it looked as if the UK’s urban air pollution problems had been solved. The world-leading Medical Research Council Air Pollution Unit at London’s St. Bartholomew’s Hospital was shut down. In the eyes of government, it had done its job.
  6. smog definition: 1. a mixture of smoke, gases, and chemicals, especially in cities, that makes the atmosphere. Learn more.
  7. Wednesday marked 60 years since the beginning of The Great Smog of London. In the 19 th Century and the first half of the 20 th Century, London was greatly affected by winter smogs (also known as ‘pea soupers’ because of their density). But on Friday 5 th December , London was to come to a standstill as thick fog descended on the capital.. The Great Smog was caused by a period of cold.
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  9. Step five feet outside the city center, and you’re greeted with the smog-choked atmosphere and droning factory hums that kept the city limping along from its coal-mining past, out of the smoke and rubble of WWII bombings, out of the grasping clutches of Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, and grudgingly, painfully, into the modern day.

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